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The Healing Finger Game with 3 CDs  (44.- dollars)

or The Mystery of Healing told by the 5 Fingers

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For adults a self-help book: It teaches how to become aware of your feelings, consciously observe them and treat them with acupressure and visualization.
For parents, nursery school and kindergarten teachers a guide for role playing with the children, in order to find out about their feelings and problems and talk about them in a codified way.
For children: They learn to recognize their own feelings and those of others, to talk about them, comfort themselves and “hand”-le their problems.
For people interested in Chinese Medicine this work serves as an introduction to the theory of the five elements and proposes a way to “hand”-le the feelings of loneliness, fear, anger, sadness and downheartedness.

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Free Yourself: 7 CDs (49.- dollars)

of lonelyness, fear, anger, sadness, down-heartedness, transform them,so as to feel loved, secure, powerful, serene and joyful.

7 self-help CDs available in English, book in preparation. Available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian (compare web-site in those languages)

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Healing Breath and Visualization: 6 CDs (49.- dollars)

Mind, body and spirit healing
A guide to self-healing, with 6 self-help audio CDs

The 6 self-help CDS are already available in Englsh, the book is in preparation:

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or order at also books and CDs in German italina, Portuguese and Spanish.

Psycho-corporal Energetic Therapy is a very efficient self-healing method to treat personal problems, couples conflicts or sicknesses and fiscal symptoms. It is the synthesis of 2 powerful techniques:

a) Energetic Work (Parallel breath that relaxes and harmonizes the body and
b) Visualization of the symptom, a psychological method,

applying an innovative technique that consists in taking out of the body the symbolic image that represents the problem and letting the Parallel Breath go through it, bringing a higher frequency, a healing energy into the image. The image then usually transforms into a more positive image. When you bring back into the body the transformed image and ancor it with the parallel breath this produces on an intra-psychical level a change in our basic messages and, because of this, in our behavior, which resolves the problem we were working on without any need to understand what happened in this potent "secret therapy"

In the first CD, the techniques of relaxation and harmonization with parallel breath are presented in many visualizations. CD 1 is also a preparation for the five CDs of self-healing withmeditations and exercises to resolve personal problems, conflicts with partners and physical problems.

Reiki and Visualization

The body, mind and spirit healing
A guide to self-healing, with 19 meditations on 2 Audio CD's

ISBN 3-0344-0146-9, to order

Exists in  German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, but waits for a translation into English.

A hand book for therapists initiated in level 2 of Reiki who wish to solve their corporal, personal and partner problems, working with Reiki symbols in combination with psycho-corporal visualizations.
Also for those who have not been initiated in Reiki, who in this case can use a personal symbol, as taught in the book and CD.

Psycho - Corporal Energetic Therapy is the synthesis of Reiki with a psychological method that visualizes the problem. Applying an innovative technique that consists in taking out of the body the symbolic image representing the problem and "cure" it with the symbols of Reiki, the image often times changes to a more positive image. Then this new image is anchored in the body, in all the cells, with a treatment of Reiki. This produces an intra-psychical change in the basic messages and, by this, also in our behaviors, which then resolves the problems.

In this book you find the explanation why this works, why our life changes, in an almost magical way, when the visualizations of our problems change. Our physical symptoms and sicknesses loose their reason for being and problems resolve themselves without us having to understand in an intellectual way what happens intra-psychically.

The 10 visualizations found on CD 2, serve to work with physical symptoms, psychological problems, couples conflicts and dreams. With the 9 visualizations on CD 1 we prepare for this, working with the chakras, Reiki and specific visualizations to develop the following qualities of life, evolution steps that at a time were omitted:

• confidence and security (1st chakra, symbiotic phase of the first year)
• joy and permission to also enjoy sexuality (2nd. chakra, genital phase)
• self confidence and autonomy (3rd chakra, anal phase of the 3rd year)
• love for yourself and others (heart chakra)

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