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Vivienne Rauber
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with free DIPLOMAS 

by Distant Studies with YouTube,

1. The Healing Finger Game, 26 lessons, 1 Diploma

2. The Visualisation TEP for problems, 32 lessons, 3 Certificates, 1 Diploma

3. The Empty CHAIR TEP

To motivate yourself fill out the "Inscription Form" (see on the left of my home page "YouTube")

and fill out your daily homework in the "Registers for Studies by YouTube" . When you have finished the 26 lessons of the Healing Finger Game, send the Registers to to get your free Diploma which permits you to teach the "Healing Finger Game".

Then you can contunue with the Visualisation TEP

Level 1: Send the Registers of all the lessons and Images

Level 2: Work again through all the lessons, send new Registers and Images

Level 3: Work with a student, send his Registers and Images

Level 4: Work with Vivienne and 6 students


1. The Healing Finger Game:


2. The Visualisation TEP