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Vivienne Rauber
Susenbergstr. 11
CH 8044 Zürich Schweiz
Tel. 0041 44 262 37 68
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About me
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I am a psychologist and psychotherapist in Zurich, Switzerland.

I teach SELF-HELP in 6 languages and through YouTube for persons who want to work on themselves and solve teir personal physical, psychological or couple problems and  - after having done the whole free formation and filled out daily the registers for the studies by YouTube - receive their free diploma of Self-HelpTeacher for:

1. THE MYSTERY OF HEALING told by the 5 Fingers (The Healing Finger Game, a psychology and therapy for feelings)

2. THE VISUALISATION TEP (Therapy with Energy and Proscess) working with the PARALLEL BREATH to heal physical, psychological or couple Problems.


Since 1986 I have worked as an instructor of Process-Acupressure in Switzerland, Austria and Ecuador. I tought all over Ecuador with the Organisation AM-EN (Amor y Energia: Hipoterapia Integral), Therapy with horses for Handicapped Children and realizedthat it was not the children who needed help, but the parents. Thats why I developped 2 very simple but powerful techniques: "The Healing Finger Game" and "Healing Breath and Visualisation". You can download for free alle the 4 books and 18 CDs in 6 languages from my homepage

- The Healing Finger Game in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese

- Healing Breath and Visualisation in German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese

- Reiki and Visualisation in German, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese

- Free yourself of lonelyness, fear, anger, sadness and feel loved, secure, strong and joyful

in English (only CDS), German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Portuguese

I am married and have two children. I am a passionate grandmother and I take care of my four grandchildren regularly. I like to give courses in other countries to see and learn from other cultures and to keep on learning more.

Vivienne Rauber - Decoppet
Susenbergstr. 11
8044 Zurich
Tel: 0041 44 262 37 68