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Registers for Studies by YouTube with Visualisation

Free Diplomas: Work to do

The Healing Finger Game

Healing Finger Game 01: What's that?

Healing Finger Game 02: Heal Loneliness with the thumb

Healing Finger Game 03: Earth Meditation

Healing Finger Game 04: Heal Fear with the index finger

Healing Finger Game 05: Water Meditation with the Rain

Healing Finger Game 06: Heal Anger with the middle finger

Healing Finger Game 07: Wood Meditation with the Universal Light

Healing Finger Game 08: The Big Hug and what heals?

Healing Finger Game 09: Heal Sadness with the ring finger


Healing Finger Game 10: Metal Meditation with the Wind

Healing Finger Game 11: Heal the Lack of Joy with the little finger

Healing Finger Game 12: Fire Meditation with Sun Rays

Healing Finger Game 13: Theory: What heals in the "Mystery of Healing"

Healing Finger Game 14: Earth Element: Smile with your Stomach and Spleen

Healing Finger Game 15: Water Element: Theory and Smile with Bladder and Kidneys

Healing Finger Game 16: Wood Element:Theroy and "Smile with your Liver and Gallbladder"

Healing Finger Game 17: Metal Element: Theroy and "Smile with your Lungs"

Healing Finger Game 18: Fire Element: Theory and "Smile with your Heart"

Healing Finger Game 19: What can you do when you feel bad?

Healing Finger Game 20: Acupressure Finger-Toes sitting

Healing Finger Game 21: Acupressure Finger-Toes lying

Healing Finger Game 22: OBSERVE when you PLAY the VICTIM

Healing Finger Game 23: LET GO of the VICTIM feeling

Healing Finger Game 24: CONNECT with love-protection-strength-paece-joy

Healing Finger Game 25: VICTIMLAND with RELATIONSHIP

Healing Finger Game 26: LEAVE VICTIMLAND

To become Instructor of The Healing Finger Game and be registered in my web page:

Fill out the inscription form for the free Studies by YouTube and send it to my e-mail:

Every day you repeat the exercises asked for and you fill out the Register for Studies by YouTube for the daily work. When you have finished the 26 lessons, send me the registers either by mail or by post (if you have written down by hand) to Vivienne Rauber, Susenbergstr. 11, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland.

Enseñantes del Juego Curativo (Teachers for the Healing Finger Game)


The Emty Chair TEP

Empty Chair TEP 01: Theory and TECHNIQUE

Empty Chair TEP 02: Demonstration with Relationship Prolblem BM

Empty Chair TEP 03. Demonstration with Relationship Porblem Evg

Empty Chair TEP 04: SELF-PROCESS 1: Work with your OWN Relationship Problem

Empty Chair TEP 05: ACT out your DREAM, Demonstration and Self-Process 2 (Viv)

Empty Chair TEP 06: DRAW your DREAM, Demonstration and Self Process 3 (Viv)

Empty Chair TEP 07: SYMPTOM BAD SIGHT (Viv)

Empty Chair TEP 08: SYMPTOM  HOLE, HERNIA (Viv)

Empty Chair TEP 09: BACKACHE (BM)

Empty Chair TEP 10: Act out your DREAM (BM)

Empty Chair TEP 11: Demonstration BRAIN TUMOR (Viv)

The Visualisation TEP

Visualisation 01: Introduction to the Free Self-Help Formation

Visualisation 02: Energy FIELDS and the Parallel Breath

Visualisation 03: THEORY and express a WISH

Visualisation 04: Demonstration with HEADACHE Evg

Visualisation 05: Demonstration with PROBLEM without having to know it (BM)

Visualisation 06: Demonstration with BACKACHE (BM)

Visualisation 07: Demonstration with SYMPTOM (Tumor Diagnosis) Viv

Visualisation 08: Demonstration with DREAM just before Tumor Diagnosis Viv

Visualisation 09: Demonstration with a PROBLEM (operate?) Viv

Visualisation 10: Demonstration with an OPEN SUBJECT (Evg)

Visualisation 11: SELF-PROCESS 1 with a SYMPTOM

Visualisation 12: Chakra Tai Chi 1: Techique

Visualisation 13: SELF-PROCESS 2 with a PROBLEM

Visualisation 14: Chakra Tai Chi 2 and Psychology

Visualisation 15: SELF-PROCESS 3 with your DREAM

Visualisation 16: DRAW RECURRENT DREAM, Demonstration and Self-Process 4 (Irina)

Visualisation 17: SELF-PROCESS 5: Open Subject, Where does the Breath not pass?

Visualisation 18: SELF-PROCESS 6 with REGRESSION

Visualisation 19: Chakra Tai Chi 3 to heal Past

Visualisation 20: From Visualization to spontanous Energy Work, Unusual Process

Visualisation 21: Demonstration with an EMOTION

Visualisation 22: SELF-PROCESS 7 with an EMOTION

Visualisation 23:

Visualisation 24: SELF-PROCESS 8: Heal your Past

Visualisation 25: DIPLOMA and Theory

Visualisation 26: SELF-PROCESS 9: Improve a RELATIONSHIP

Visualisation 27: SELF-PROCESS 10: Improve your PARTNERSHIP

Visualisation 31: Demonstration:Send SUBPERSONALITY "Superwoman" to LIGHT

Visualisation 32: Demonstration: Part 2 "Superwoman"