Therapy with energy and Process (TEP)


Vivienne Rauber
Susenbergstr. 11
CH 8044 Zürich Schweiz
Tel. 0041 44 262 37 68
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1. Distance training to teach self-help

In an introductory course you will learn the PET technique of self - help. You learn how to work on an unconscious level with a corporal symptom, couple or personal problem, in such a way that the problem resolves and the corporal symptom becomes superfluous and disappears.

You will learn first of all how to work with yourself using various energetic techniques and also visualization, using my 3 books and the 10 CD's with the visualizations that accompany them. Once the books are finished and you had the experience of how you can work with your problems and grow, you will be ready to teach these techniques to other people who would like to work seriously. In this way you will be able to obtain the diploma for a teacher of self-help. Also see the Inscription for training.